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MBL Breakfast Menu 2019

Breakfast is available 8:00-10am from June 22-August 31, 2019

~~The general public is welcome ~~

Please call +1 705-286-2978 to make reservations
All Meals Accompanied by Your Choice of Muffins, Fresh Fruit, or Assorted Hot & Cold Cereals as well as Juice, Coffee and Tea!

(Menu Subject to Change)
Saturday Breakfast (Buffet)
~Muffins &  Yogurt~

~Frittatas & Pancakes~

~Breakfast Sausage and Mini-Hash Browns~

Sunday Breakfast
~French toast, and Bacon~
~Cook-to-order Eggs, Bacon and Mini Hash Browns~
Monday Breakfast
~Cook-to-order Eggs, Ham and Home fries~
~Pancakes and Ham~
Tuesday Buffet Breakfast

~Muffins & Yogurt~

~Breakfast Sausage & Scrambled Eggs~

~and Belgian Waffles & Mini Hash Browns~

Wednesday Breakfast
~Cook-to-order Eggs, Bacon and Home Fries~
~Pancakes and Bacon~
Thursday Breakfast

~Cook-to-order Eggs, Ham and Mini-Hash Browns~
~French toast and Ham~

Friday Breakfast
~Cook-to-order Eggs, Peameal Bacon and Home Fries~
~Belgian Waffles and Peameal Bacon~