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Miners' Bay Lodge is not only a place to vacation, but is also its own community. With 80 seasonal trailers and 40 weekly rental accommodation units, the return rate of nearly 90% of our guests shows we have been integrated into many family traditions.
No matter which cottage, room, or cabin you choose, Miners' Bay Lodge is dedicated to making your stay memorable and one you will want to come back to. Take a minute to see what we have to offer:




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Been going here every summer for a week or two for 40 years, one of my favourite places to go. Great family vacation spot, two lakes for swimming, boating, fishing. Lots of hiking areas, and all sorts of wildlife to see. Definitely recommend this to anyone!
Heather Slade | Google Reviews
This place is magical! My hubby visited here as a child and brought myself and our son this year for the first time. We all fell in love with Miners' bay and will surely be returning as often as possible. Thank you so much to all the staff you are all so welcoming and sweet and we loved you all!
Shana Rideout | Facebook
My family has been going to Miners' Bay for years and my dad's family before that. It is my favourite place in the world. We stay in a housekeeping cottage and just adore everything Miners' Bay has to offer. It is so beautiful and clean and the activities are fun for everyone. Miners' Bay is like a family and I wish that everyone could experience it.
Marissa W | Trip Advisor
Always loved it. Great place for family vacations and beautiful surroundings in the haliburton Highlands, two lakes with great swimming beaches.
Ellen Cunningham | Facebook
I have been going to Miner's Bay Lodge since I was a little girl. It is situated on beautiful Gull Lake right on Highway 35. It is a family-run, family-friendly business. The general store has a lot of provisions necessary for life up north and is open on a daily basis.
lizvanrensburg | Trip Advisor